Civic Square

An atmosphere that successfully combines the realms of food and fun, Civic Square is a foodie’s haven. Dine alfresco in our unique outdoor pavilion where you’ll quickly forget you’re in the heart of Asia’s world city. Showcasing an eclectic variety of restaurants helmed by some of the city’s most talented chefs, Civic Square is your getaway from Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle.
Whether you choose to dine indoors or al fresco, Civic Square is a testament to everything that makes Hong Kong a global culinary capital.

SHOP NAME Telephone
IZA Izakaya 2522 1800
Joia 2382 2323
Madam S'ate 2537 7555
McSorley's Brewhouse & Grill 2736 4888
Pivo Czech Bar 2196 8733
Stormies 2196 8098
TANGO Argentinian Steak House 2780 1181
THE POND 2258 2278