Shanghai Tang


1022, 1/F , Metal

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Mon - Sun 11:00 - 20:00

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Shanghai Tang is a celebration of contemporary Chinese culture and art with authentic craftsmanship and compelling designs at the heart of the brand. Founded in 1994 in Hong Kong, Shanghai Tang was inspired by the glamour and glory of the Shanghai Bund in the 1930s, a vibrant era during which this renowned entertainment playground was the melting pot for culture, fashion, architecture, commerce and art. As an internationally renowned Chinese lifestyle brand, Shanghai Tang injects newness and modern relevance into storied traditions, breathing new life into classics with a dedicated appreciation of our roots. We are champions of the beauty and wisdom of Chinese culture, which is why our well-considered designs are always contemporary with a Chinese touch. Shanghai Tang offers an extensive lifestyle collection that stems from Chinese heritage and brought into the current age. Nuggets of Chinese wisdom, such as folklore, idioms, symbols and talismans, are reimagined in designs that are young, fun and highly wearable, often served with a dash of light-hearted humour.
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