Parfumerie Trésor - Sensory Vault


2078, 2/F , Wood

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Mon - Sun 11:00 - 20:00

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Parfumerie Trésor first opened their doors to the public in 2014 as Hong Kong’s first and only artistic and niche perfume boutique. Since their opening, they have continuously held the goal of unveiling independent, luxurious and premium perfume brands at their boutique. Parfumerie Trésor is home to 23 exclusive niche and artistic perfume brands from around the world, with up to 350 bottles of perfumes to choose from. Whether you are looking for a past lovers scent, the scent you remember after being bathed as a child by your mother, the scent of the green grass at Hyde Park after the rain or even an already out of production scent that you miss…anything or anywhere is related to scent and we can help you find this perfume or even vintage perfume bottles as we are in touch with many of the oldest and most ancient perfume homes around the world. Parfumerie Trésor - Sensory Vault is a mystical place where you can find and reminiscent on treasurable memories through scent.
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