Brunello Cucinelli


2011-12, 2/F , Earth

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(29 Sep - 7 Oct 10:30 - 21:00)

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The Brunello Cucinelli story started in 1978 and has always been guided by the desire to respect human dignity and the Universe. Its ethical principles, which view the company as an "amiable guardian", are based on healthy and balanced growth that does not disregard the protection of natural beauty. The adventure started from the intuition of dyeing cashmere knitwear. Brunello Cucinelli has always focused on making high quality, durable creations to be handed down to future generations. The Italian hamlet of Solomeo hosts the company’s headquarters and has always been its beating heart: its natural and artistic heritage, together with the culture and the rich traditions of the land, inspire the brand's aesthetic research, all oriented towards elegance. The company is rooted in the history and legacy of great Italian craftsmanship as well as modern design, combining the finest quality raw materials, creativity and savoir-faire. The brand has developed over time a personal take on total looks, which is reflected in the exclusive ready-to-wear collections for Women, Men, and Kids as well as the lifestyle accessories line, embodying a sophisticated concept of contemporary elegance. The brand is distributed internationally through monobrand boutiques in leading cities worldwide and in the most exclusive resorts, with a significant presence in selected multibrand and department stores.
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